Feb 22, 2018
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13-year-old girl reported missing, found dead & father arrested… 7-months later her 12-year-old sister reported missing, mother arrested

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BRADENTON, Florida  – A search is underway for 12-year-old Jalyssa Shannon, who hasn’t been seen nor heard from since leaving home.

She is the sister of 13-year-old Janessa Shannonwho went missing in early July 2017 but found murdered weeks later.

Jalyssa Shannon left home around 9 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 18,  according to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office news release. When she hadn’t been home for several hours, her mother called the sheriff’s office to report her missing.

The girl is 4-foot-11-inches tall, with black hair and brown eyes. She last was seen wearing a black shirt and Capri pants.

Jalyssa Shannon

Jalyssa Shannon

Jalyssa’s mother had more than just her daughter’s disappearance to worry about.

Upon calling the police to report her daughter missing, Michelle Mosley, was arrested for welfare fraud…

Mosley, 35, was arrested about 3 a.m. Monday and booked into the Manatee County jail.

Michelle Mosley

Michelle Mosley

Jalyssa’s disappearance and her mother’s arrest are the latest troubles for a family that for years has been plagued by turmoil.

According to an arrest warrant, Mosley failed to disclose information about her household’s income between November 2013 and January 2016. She was released Monday afternoon, after posting $1,500 bail.

Over the years, Mosley and the girls’ father Nahson Shannon battled for custody of the girls and traded unproven allegations that the teens were being abused.

Seven months ago,  on July 3, 2017, Jalyssa’s older sister Janessa,13, was reported missing by her 37-year-old father Nahson Shannon.

At the time, Nahson Shannon told investigators he last saw her at his Riverview home two days earlier. He attended at least one vigil with other family members desperate for word on the girl.

The report sparked a frantic search. Nine days later a hiker found Janessa’s decomposing body in the wooded, isolated Triple Creek Nature Preserve, about eight miles from the father’s home.

In October 2017,  the father, Nahshon Shannon was arrested on charges of first-degree felony murder and aggravated child abuse. Investigators found evidence that they say shows Shannon wrapped his daughter in a black plastic garbage bag sealed with clear tape and buried her in a shallow grave. Her nose was broken, she had fractures above two teeth and she’d been hit and possibly strangled in the final hours of her life, investigators concluded. She also had traces of cocaine and alcohol in her system when she died.

Hillsborough County court records show he entered a plea of not guilty to the charges on Dec. 28. The case is still on-going.

“I knew from the very beginning,” the girl’s mother, Michelle Mosley, told the Tampa Bay Times. “My only words to him would be ‘How could you?’


Janessa Shannon had a habit of running away. She’d sneaked out of her mother’s Bradenton home before. So her mother Michelle Mosley wasn’t happy when she found out her 13-year-old daughter had done it again, winding up at a boy’s house.

As punishment, Janessa was returned to her father’s home in Riverview a day early. It was the last time she would see her daughter.

The father, Nahshon Shannon, grounded her that night. He checked on Janessa the following day, he said, and found no one in her bedroom at his home at 11219 Cocoa Beach Drive. He reported her disappearance to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office around noon on July 3, a Monday. He told deputies that he though she had run away, but he couldn’t be sure.

In an interview, Nahshon Shannon, 37, gave this account of the circumstances leading up to her disappearance:

After arriving from Bradenton, Janessa ate dinner, then went to her room on the night of July 1. He didn’t see her around the house the next day as he went in and out going about his regular routine, he said. He didn’t check on her again until about 5 p.m. July 2. When he opened her bedroom door, the room looked normal, but she wasn’t there.

He assumed she was upset that she was being punished and had gone for a walk. But she didn’t return, he said.

Both he and Mosley questioned why more wasn’t done to find her.

“I wanted them to search for her, be active,” he said. “My daughter is a beautiful spirit, a spirited young person … I hope we find out exactly what happened to her, and the person responsible,” Nahshon Shannon said.

(July 22) Nashon Shannon speaks at the Memorial Service for his 13-year-old daughter Janessa Shannon.

UPDATE: JALYSSA came home today… But her running off made her family’s business go viral…

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